Committed to helping individuals live their dreams


Committed to helping individuals live their dreams.



Travel into the surreal, and at times dark world of online dating as seen through the eyes of speaker, actor, screenwriter, author Will A.G Martel. 

H.I.T: Husband In Training – A Guide For Men; Is a reference book on handling relationships with women. This guide will arm the male reader with helpful information not only to make them look deeply into examining their past relationships,  but applying the tools given within these pages to new ones as well. Will AG Martel shares his own experiences assisting the reader in discovering the truth about women and possibly learning something about themselves along the way. He also shares useful tips on properly approaching a woman; learning to spot the right one, not mention how to think like a woman while being a man. This book will help men improve on growing, evolving, becoming best friends, boyfriends, and ultimately being great husbands. Available now on

Will A.G Martel is your tour guide taking you from the hard hitting action of the squared circle,  beyond the curtain into the unseen world of independent sports entertainment. Raw, honest, and very straight to the point, this guide provides helpful information for the novice, aspiring, or even the veteran sports entertainer of what it takes to grace the grand stage of  the WWE and other sports entertainment conglomerates.